When we offer Personal Training and Development services we use different innovative techniques to help our Clients identify their personal and/or business goals and/or communication/relationship goals and to develop action plans and strategies for reaching these goals. Together with our Clients we develop and modify the so called “Personal Action Plan” fully aligned with their needs and environment.

The personal consulting and development is not a subject of psychoanalysis – we are neither psychoanalysts nor therapeutists.

We work together with our Clients on changing their behavioral pattern which will give them the opportunity to change and develop their business and all other aspects of their life. Our Clients are responsible for their personal achievements and success – we just assist them but never do more than them.

We can consult you in the following areas:
  1. Health and Wellness: Being healthy is a way to be wealthy and we will help you reach this target! (learn more)
  2. Efficient Communication and Relationship Development: we help our Clients improve their success when starting and/or developing their relationships with others. (learn more)
  3. Conflict Management: using different tools and the best practices we help our Clients improve their skills for managing and solving different conflicts in the organizational context, in the family and in different social situations (learn more).
  4. Anger and stress management/Emotional Intelligence (learn more)
  5. Man is what he thinks! The thoughts are living energy that creates. (learn more)
  6. Career consulting: this is very important are of the personal development where we apply our 20 years of experience as well as the world leading practices (learn more).
  7. How to become rich! New