DR1Renowned immigration law firm Rosenblatt Associates represents Passportal and its clients with regard to immigration matters. Since 1991 Rosenblatt Associates has helped thousands of people work, study and live in Canada.

Rosenblatt Associates are the authorized immigration lawyers representing Passportal’s clients in regards to their immigration and legal matters. They are licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada and are duly authorized to practice law and appear before all courts and tribunals. David L. Rosenblatt of Rosenblatt Associates is a Member of The Law Society of Upper Canada, The Canadian Bar Association, The Ontario Bar Association and The American immigration Lawyers Association.

Rosenblatt Associates is one of Canada’s top immigration law firms and for the past 18 years has helped thousands of people from around the world successfully immigrate to Canada. The team of licensed Canadian immigration lawyers, Canadian certified immigration consultants and paralegals helps you through each step of the way. The services are offered in 15 languages and Rosenblatt Associates represents you properly throughout the process.

Experienced employment experts

Passportal provides valuable Canadian employment services which help ensure find clients the right job so they avoid unnecessary struggles in Canada. We will offer a unique step-by-step employment system that gets you seen, heard and hired by Canadian employers. It has helped thousands of people successfully get jobs in Canada. With the support of ANDRA’s local team who has invaluable experience in the recruitm
ent industry the process is going to be managed quickly and professionally.


Affiliates Worldwide

Rosenblatt Associates works with Passportal’s international network of Affiliates to provide face-to-face services across the world. We invite you to contact ANDRA’s office as one of the licensed authorized affiliates (representing Passportal in Bulgaria) for additional personal assistance.